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I hope I'm doing this right xD
I, Liliana, promise never to re-post, translate or plagiarize any and all posts written by beeswaxing be it fiction, non-fiction, or random ramblings. This applies to the past, present and future.
I don't really have an OTP... I guess HoMin and JaeMin are my favourite couples, but really, I love each single pairing of this fandom.
I also don't have a bias. Asking me which member I love more is like asking a mother which son she prefers, LOL.
I've been a cassie for three years now, discovering them as DBSK first. I'm not a hater or a "team-JYJ"/"team-TVXQ" fan, since IMO, that's bullshit.
Nobody knows why things went that way or what reasons led the members to do what they did, and by all chances we will never know.
Hence, it doesn't sound right to me to judge them, nor to assert who's right or wrong. I love and support both JYJ and TVXQ, and I always will.
I usually am a silent reader, but I like to leave comments to fics I happen to like a lot.
I've never re-posted, translated or plagiarized anything of beeswaxing, or of any kind of author for that matter.
I, Liliana, solemnly swear that I declare that the above is true to the best of my knowledge and if I lied in anything, may the fiction gods curse me with being blocked to every fic I ever want to read :O And may I be punished if I break the law in any instance.

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